RedBull red silver and blue editions, same formula new flavors, but are they good?

I had a chance to try the three new RedBull flavors the other night.  The Red, Silver, and Blue editions. This is, in my opinion, a step in the right direction for RedBull. I know that they’re wanting to expand their flavor profiles to be able to compete with Rockstar and Monster, but flavor isn’t the only thing that us energy drink consumers want.  My gripe with RedBull products is that the caffeine content is only 80 mg per can. Each can costs around 2 dollars, sometimes more depending on where you purchase it.  For that same price I can pick up a Rockstar or a Monster, have twice the amount of drink to enjoy, and twice the amount of caffeine and energy blend! Some places around here even have Rockstars 2 for $3 almost year round! My suggestion to RedBull would be to tweak the energy formula a bit, give it a bit more value to cost ratio, and maybe I’d buy it more often.  But here’s the bottom line: When I see an energy drink in the store that I’ve never tried I have to buy it.  Doesn’t matter the brand, flavor, anything, I must try this new creation.  Here’s my thoughts on the new editions for RedBull.

Red edition: This is a cranberry flavored RedBull, but it’s not just regular RedBull with cranberry flavor added to it.  This is a whole new taste to it, it’s very reminiscent of cranberry cocktail drinks, you know the ones that aren’t 100% juice? It’s like a fake cranberry, I don’t like it at all it tastes gross.

Silver edition: This is a lime flavored RedBull, again it’s not regular RedBull with lime flavor, it’s a new taste.  This one also leaves much to be desired, it’s kind of bitter almost.  Like they used lime rind instead of lime flavoring or something. I don’t like it, but it’s better than the cranberry version I think.

Blue edition: Well RedBull definitely got it right on this one! This is a blueberry flavored drink, and it smells absolutely fantastic.  Kind of like blueberry pie filling, and you can smell it from a good 5 feet away.  Some might say that’s not a good thing but seriously it smells amazing.  Makes me want to go buy a can of blueberry pie filling and fucking annihilate it in one sitting. The flavor is almost as good as it smells, it’s pretty sweet but not overpowering.

In closing, the blueberry is the only flavor worth keeping out of this bunch, I think. It’s much more than just a special edition RedBull flavor, this should be a full fledged permanent offering. My only complaint about it is, once again, cost per ounce, and energy blend content. Try it out! Also you can click the cans to check out RedBull’s page for the special editions!


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